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How to Set Corner Fence Posts

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How to Set Corner Fence Posts

As the most important part of a wire mesh fence line, corner posts bear the strain of the stretched wire strands, maintain the proper line and are constructed in a solid brace frame. Although not difficult to build, the job is easier when done by two people.

1 Build corner wire mesh fence posts in a double H frame brace. This will consist of three posts, creating two H frame braces on a 90-degree angle. One H frame will begin the east-west fence line, and the second H frame will begin the north-south fence line.

2 Set the first H frame brace by setting in two 6x6 posts on one of the proposed lines. Measuring from the insides of the posts, put the posts 6 feet apart. Dig the holes 3 feet deep. When filling the dirt in around the posts, put in 6 inches of dirt at a time and tamp it down hard. When the hole is filled, the posts should not move at all. The posts should be 5 feet above the ground.

3 Measure 6 feet from the post that will be the end, or center, post on a 90-degree angle, and set the third corner post the same as the first two posts. You should now have three posts forming a triangle. A center post and a post aiming down each of the fence lines.

4 Cut four blocks, 5 1/2 inch long, from the 4x4. Lay each 4x4 block horizontally and drill two holes, 1/4 inch, side by side and 1 1/2 inches apart. Drill completely through the blocks. Go 18 inches down from the top of each corner post. Using two 60d nails, nail the 4x4 blocks horizontal and level to the sides of the posts facing each other.

5 Lay one of the 4x4x6 boards on the 4x4 blocks so it spans between two of the posts, forming an H. The 6-inch side is facing up. Lay the second 4x6 on the 4x4 blocks between the remaining two posts. You now have two H frames.

6 Start with one of the H frames. Drill a 1/2-inch hole through the 6x6, 6 inches above the 4x6, and perpendicular to the H. Drill a second 1/2-inch hole 6 inches above the ground in the same post, on the same side. Drill the same holes in the opposite post.

7 Run the end of the wire through one top hole down to the bottom hole in the opposite post, forming half an X. Pull the two ends together, overlap them by 1 foot, and cut the wire free from the spool. Make the two wire ends into a link and twist the end of each wire over the strand it comes from. Twist the wire back at least four times.

8 Adjust the wire link so that it is above or below center. Insert the blade of the screwdriver between the two strands, at the center, and begin twisting them together. Twist the wire away from you. As the strands tighten they will pull the two corner posts toward each other. Twist until the wires are tight and hard. Pull the screwdriver out.

9 Repeat this same procedure by running a wire through the opposite two holes on the posts. Run this wire so that the first wire is between the strands. Twist the wire tight, as before. The end result will be a tight wire X that binds all the parts of the H frame together. Drive two 60d nails through each end of the 4x6, on an angle into the post and not into the 4x4 blocks.

10 Drill the same type of holes through the third post for the second leg of the frame. On the middle post--the one that already is wired to the first post--drill the holes 2 inches to 3 inches above the existing holes, but on the opposite side of the post to the first holes. Make an X with the wire, as you did on the first set of posts. The corner posts are set and ready for the wire.

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